Myanmar Buddhist Titles

On 12 March 2017, his 80th birthday, Sītagū Sayadaw U Ñāṇissara was awarded Myanmar’s highest Buddhist title, Abhidhajamahāraṭṭhaguru, for his tireless, selfless work in the promotion of Dhamma through education, health care, and disaster relief. Previously, Sayadaw also received the following titles: Mahādhammakathika Bahujanahitadhara,  Aggamahāsaddhammajotikadhaja, Aggamahāpaṇḍita, and Aggamahāganthavācakapaṇḍita. To date, five institutions of higher learning have also conferred honorary PhDs. For a brief bio, see this page (up to 2013).

With that, one may wonder what other religious title are awarded by the Myanmar government. Following is a list of said titles sorted according to the category in which they belong.[ref]After hours of pouring over Myanmar government websites and romanising the titles, I stumbled across this Wikipedia page with the work already done, and made minor spelling corrections. This table is based on that. Thanks to Venerable Ānandajoti for the English renderings.[/ref]

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