The Sīmā and Uposatha Hall

sitagu yangon clearing the land
Sītagū Yangon, clearing the land

About a month ago, I had an itch to research and do a write-up about the Sīmā[ref]monastery boundary, “parish”[/ref] and Uposatha Hall. Other things have taken precedence, and the project was put on the back burner. Much to my surprise and delight, Ven. Paññobhāsa seems to have had the same idea and today he posted an article on his blog regarding this very subject at Technical Matters: Ecclesiastical Precints (Sīmā). He does a really excellent job so I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in monastic issues.

marking the nimitta
Ratanadipa New Zealand – setting the boundary markers (nimitta)

One can not overstate how incredibly important the process for establishing the sīmā is for the Saṅgha, as well as the preciseness with which monastic ceremonies[ref]saṅghakammā[/ref] are carried out. Small oversights can completely compromise any given procedure, even going so far as to invalidating an entire lineage’s ordinations.



consecrating the sima1
Ratanadipa New Zealand – consecrating the sīmā


I’ve had the honour and privilege of attending several of these ceremonies over the years and always find the joy among both the monastics and laity to be really inspiring.